About Me

Liv Dockerty is a contemporary  painter from Miami. Her artistic process began as a child and developed much throughout her life.  Dockerty studied art and design at Parsons School of Design in New York City where she received her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree. Her primary source of inspiration hails from cloudy skies at sunset and sunrise. Clouds are omnipresent yet they are often overlooked as the world below them is in constant movement and self-focus. They change throughout the day as the elements around them change but they are always there, a constant. Liv’s work explores the motion and change of life through her paintings. With her signature effect of color shifting interference paints the clouds in her art appear to evolve. In an instant clouds in the sky may be a luminous peach but before you even realize it they are back to gray. As an artist she seeks to pause the clouds in an image for the viewer to take their time to experience an often brisk display and enjoy a sense of calm upon viewing the work. Though abstract in composition, Dockerty’s paintings are rich in content. Their associative titles, often referencing Classic Rock song lyrics, evoke narratives and emotions, while her bold palette invites the viewer to indulge in the pleasure of a dreamlike state.

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